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Repiping Services in Southwest Washington

The plumbing pipes in your home are only meant to last so long. As your pipes age, they rust, corrode, and crack. This can compromise the quality of your water and the efficiency of your entire home plumbing system. Not to mention, older pipes expose you to potential plumbing emergencies. It’s not worth risking it — investing in home repiping services now is the smart choice because it limits long-term risk and gives you peace of mind.

Whether you need a single section repiped or your entire plumbing system needs replacement, RJ Plumbing Services is here for you. We are a fully licensed and bonded plumbing contractor based in Yacolt WA. Call us today for service in and around Clark County WA!

Repipe Your Plumbing System with PEX

PEX is one of the most popular plumbing pipe types used today, and for good reason. PEX, short for cross-linked polyethylene, has become widely used because it is low-cost, flexible, and easy to cut and join with copper or other PEX pipes. PEX is great for handling high-pressure and high temperatures, which makes it a versatile and dependable choice for home plumbing.

We proudly offer PEX pipes for repipe projects. Learn more about the types of plumbing pipes RJ Plumbing can help with.

When is the Right Time to Repipe Your Home?

You want to get as much life as possible out of your existing pipes. That’s why it’s important to know the warning signs that you need to repipe your plumbing system:

Plumbing Repipe Specialists for HOA Communities

RJ Plumbing offers top-notch plumbing repipe services for HOAs. See how we can help your community by improving your plumbing system.

Plumbing Repipe Specialists for Apartments

RJ Plumbing offers quality repiping for multi-home complexes. Learn mmore about our apartment repiping services here.

Plumbing Repipe Specialists for Businesses

The plumbing repipe specialists at RJ Plumbing offer superior commercial repipe services. Learn more about our business repiping.

Plumbing Repipe FAQs

Questions about plumbing repipe services? RJ Plumbing has your answers! From the types of pipes that are best for your project to why you would need new pipes, we have the answers.

Should You Get Your Plumbing System Repiped?

Repiping your plumbing system is an investment. New pipes last longer, which saves you on maintenance and major repairs. Getting your home repiped can also increase your property value, making it a valuable project if you plan on selling your home. Most importantly, though, a whole house repipe makes your day-to-day life easier. When you know you can depend on your plumbing system, life is much less stressful. That’s priceless.

What Does a Whole House Repipe Include?

A whole house repipe replaces all of the water supply lines that bring water into your home and deliver water to your plumbing fixtures. With RJ Plumbing, your whole house plumbing repipe will also include:

  • New outdoor faucets (hose bibs)
  • New valves under sinks and toilets
  • New supply lines and shower valves
  • New laundry box with valves
  • New ice maker box

Please note that a whole house repipe project does not include replacing sewer lines, drain pipes, or plumbing fixtures.

repiping project by RJ Plumbing in Yacolt Washington Oct 5 2021
middle of a repiping project in Battle Ground Washington - RJ Plumbing
RJ Plumbing using PEX pipes for repipe project in Camas WA
RJ Plumbing repiping project during bathroom remodel in clark county WA September 2021

Clark County WA Plumbing Repipe Specialist

Still have original plumbing in your home? Or are you experiencing water pressure issues or frequent leaks? Contact the whole home repipe specialists at RJ Plumbing Services. We’ll inspect your plumbing and recommend the best solution for your needs. We are a local plumbing contractor and repipe expert based in Yacolt Washington. Contact us today to discuss your project!

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