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Plumbing Fixture Repair

Serving Greater Clark County

Faucet Repair & Toilet Repair

Many Clark County residents who call us to find out about a plumbing fixture repair did not even realize that they had a problem until they received an unexpectedly high water bill.The most common cause of this is a toilet that continues to run after it has been flushed, but even a seemingly minor issue like a dripping faucet can waste more than 20 gallons of water in a single day. If you need a plumbing fixture repair, give the RJ Plumbing Service a call. We proudly serve the Clark County area!

Experts in Plumbing Fixture Repair

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on new plumbing fixtures, call our friendly experts today to find out if a simple repair could take care of your problem. We have been serving residential and commercial clients in the Clark County area for years, and we would appreciate the opportunity to add you to our long list of happy customers.

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Signs You Need a Plumbing Fixture Repair

Plumbing fixture repair can protect your health as well as lower your water bills. Leaking or clogged pipes and drains provide perfect conditions for mold, mildew, and bacteria, which could pose a real danger to people with compromised immune systems or respiratory ailments. Our experts have been repairing plumbing fixtures for years, and they will identify your problem, fix it, and then remove any potentially dangerous contaminants in a single visit. Call us right away if you have plumbing problems such as:

  • A dripping faucet
  • A running toilet
  • Water pooling around the base of a toilet
  • A toilet that frequently clogs
  • A sink or tub that drains very slowly
  • Water backing up into sinks or tubs
  • Pools of water in sink cabinets
  • A clogged shower head
  • A jammed garbage disposal unit
  • Rust or other contaminants in your drinking water
  • Clogged toilet

Many of these problems can be fixed by an experienced plumber in a matter of minutes by tightening up fittings or replacing defective or worn out seals. Salespeople who want to sell you brand new fixtures may tell you that a minor problem is a harbinger of more serious issues yet to come, but a plumbing fixture repair carried out by a qualified technician could make your old faucet, shower, toilet or waste disposal as good as new for a fraction of the cost.

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