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How Invasive is Repiping a House?

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How Invasive is Repiping a House in Vancouver WA - RJ Plumbing ServicesYour pipes should function at peak performance, with fresh water coming in and wastewater going out. Faulty pipes are a breeding ground for fungus growth, contaminated drinking water, and sanitation issues. These can expose you to E. coli, chronic immunity problems, hepatitis, and countless other health issues. With new technology and methods, repiping your home is not as intimidating as it sounds, and local experts, like RJ Plumbing Services, are available to ensure your home has safe and effective pipes. This article will walk you through the basics of the repiping process so you can feel confident in the next move you make.

What is House Repiping and Do I Need it?

In older homes, pipes were made with materials that are now considered outdated or hazardous for your health. These include lead pipes and corrosion-prone copper or galvanized pipes. Another common reason for imminent repiping is frequent leaks occurring in your home. While these can be patched up from time to time, there comes a point where new pipes are mandatory. Signs you may need new pipes include:

  • Decrease in water pressure
  • Discolored water (red, brown, or full of flakes are a sign of corrosion)
  • Frequent leaks
  • Home built with galvanized pipes (prone to rust and corrosion) 
  • You plan to sell your home soon

Repiping Materials and Procedures

There are several materials used for repiping a home. Each has pros and cons regarding features such as price or invasiveness. These materials include:

  • Copper: durable, resistant to leaks, but high in price 
  • PVC: Low cost and easy install, but cannot be used with hot or drinking water
  • CPVC: Suitable for heat and drinking, but more expensive than PVC and may split when frozen
  • PEX: Flexible, heat and freeze resistant, but still considered new, so ongoing tests for contamination

Each project is different. Some homes need a simple fix, while others need whole-house pipe repair. With detailed preparation and qualified experts, you can return to your home with it looking as good as new. What does the process look like?

  • After a property inspection to find the problem area(s), the plumber will cut minimal holes in your walls and ceilings to access, remove, and install the new pipes. 
  • Once all new pipes are installed, tests are conducted to verify that everything is running smoothly, and then holes will be filled, patched, and repainted. 
  • Within a few days, a city inspection will occur to ensure your home is safe for occupancy. 

What to Expect on Project Day

Depending on the house size, the number of bathrooms, and the project itself, the timespan can range from a single day to a whole week. While your water is shut off while technicians are working on the piping project, it will be turned back on at the end of each day. In the meantime, some ways to prepare for the project may include: 

  • Consider where children and/or pets will be during the day.
  • Stock up on water for drinking or cooking.
  • Utilize showers and appliances in the morning or evenings while workers are gone. 

If you have concerns about disruptions or clutter during the repiping process, keep in mind that businesses, such as RJ Plumbing Services take every step necessary to maintain the integrity of your home. For example, RJ Plumbing Services respects your home with each stage of the repiping project by protecting your floors, fixtures, and furnishings, followed by cleaning the job site at the end of each day.

We’re Here to Help!

Repiping is a maintenance project that should last in your home for decades. RJ Plumbing Services is available for expert advice to help you feel prepared and confident about the task of repiping. As a local, family-owned business in Clark County, we strive to provide expert services from start to finish. Give us a call or fill out our form online for your free estimate!

How Invasive is Repiping a House? in Clark County and Surrounding Areas

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